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I’ve just re-lauched Legal Nomads after several years of the same design. With long-form writing, home page highlighting all the photos and projects I’ve been working on during the prior 6 years of writing and more, I’m really excited to share it.

And! A new logo:

Legal Nomads logo, now with more storytelling.

As usual you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, and on the blog. This Tumblr has been inactive for awhile so I thought I’d explain the changes in recent months.


How to add some excitement to your travel day: go to the wrong airport by mistake

Photoessay from the Eastern Townships in Quebec.

Long post on the connections we make as we travel and the stories we learn along the way.

Adventures in cat sitting. 

Took care of a friend’s Bengal cats for a week and this photo pretty much summarizes the whole thing. Not pictured: them chewing on my hair at night. Adorable, but feisty!

It’s suprisingly easy to be gluten-free in Italy. As someone with celiac disease (diagnosed about a decade ago) I often find myself relieved to be in Southeast Asia, home of fish sauce and rice. Soy sauce has wheat flour, but fish sauce is safe for celiacs. Imagine my surprise, then, to find out that Italy was one of the most friendly countries in the world for gluten-free eaters.   This is homemade pasta, gluten-free, with fresh rosemary and parmesan cheese. My post about why Italy is so attuned to these allergies is here.

Bonfire from the Feast of Saint George, Torgiano, Italy.